Since 2006, Louise has analyzed and written about all aspects of health insurance and health care reform at both the state and federal level. She has written extensively for, Verywell,, HSA Store, ADP’s Spark and Boost platforms, the Colorado Health Insurance Insider, and Anthem’s Benefits Guide, along with various other publications.

Her work has also been published by Health Affairs, as she was part of a team of health policy analysts who initially addressed how the lack of federal funding for cost-sharing reductions would affect premiums and premium tax credits in the individual health insurance market.

Louise was a panelist for a 2018 Brookings Institute event that focused on state-level health care reform, and participated in a 2017 WNYC panel designed to help reporters better understand how to cover health care reform.

Louise and her husband, Jay, have co-owned a health insurance brokerage since 2003, and she maintains an insurance producer license in Colorado.

Got questions about health insurance or health care reform? You can ask Louise on Twitter.