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About Us is a privately-owned company whose mission is to help consumers make better healthcare decisions. We’re a team of 150+ people located in NYC, Miami, Indianapolis and Guatemala City. We’re an online healthcare company focused on improving how you shop for and enroll in health insurance coverage. Our mission is to empower individuals, families and small businesses by providing information and recommendations. We want you to make better decisions about managing your healthcare.

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We know not many people are healthcare experts, so we provide explanations, product guides, and advice along the way.

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We have developed relationships with highly rated carriers to provide you with reputable plans and a wide range of options in your search for the right health insurance.

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Our mission is to be the leading destination for healthcare consumers by providing the knowledge, options and recommendations that will help them make more-informed and better decisions about managing their healthcare.

We seek to develop a relationship with everyday people based on trust and the value we deliver to them through advice, analysis, recommendations and relevant buying options.

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