Your recruitment process will start after the following 2 steps:

  1. Enter and submit below questions
  2. You will be redirected to Calendly to schedule a meeting with our recruiter on a 1:1 meeting or a group webinar.
An active health and Life insurance license is mandatory to proceed with an interview. Are you an active, licensed health and Life insurance agent?(Required)
Are you currently licensed in at least 5 states?(Required)
Are you currently FFM certified for current year?(Required)
Do you have Errors and Omissions E&O insurance?(Required)
Are you currently contracted with any of these carriers? Please answer honestly. This will not prevent you from movingforward. (select all that apply)(Required)
Do you understand that you are requesting to interview for a 1099 independent Contracting opportunity to sell under 65 major health insurance with no base pay?(Required)

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