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A non-government resource, powered by health insurance experts.
A non-government resource,
powered by health insurance experts.

Q: Who Is HealthCare.Com, and How Does the Site Work?

Asked by Anonymous on March 4, 2018 Staff March 4, 2018 is operated by Healthcare, Inc.

Since 2006, we’ve been a leading search, comparison and recommendation tool for people of all ages who buy their own health insurance.

We’re a group of healthcare fans who can help you sign up for Obamacare, short-term medical, and Medicare insurance plans. We’re not a government website.

Our users can analyze hundreds of local health insurance options, then get data-rich recommendations to help make smarter decisions about their health plan purchase. We connect you to licensed, independent agents at call centers, insurance carriers, and web-based brokers. You can learn more about our team and our history at

To sign up for health insurance using, you’ll enroll the way you choose – by phone, by web form, or by filling out a form to be contacted later by an insurance agent. For more information, read our guide to buying individual health insurance.