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Q: What Is the Medicare Part A Deductible?

Asked by Anonymous on October 6, 2017

Howard Yeh
Howard Yeh October 6, 2017

If you are enrolled in Medicare Part A, there is a deductible that insured seniors will need to pay for each inpatient hospital stay. Every time you visit the hospital for a new treatment, you will need to pay this Medicare Part A deductible out-of-pocket before Medicare covers you. This deductible is separate from your Medicare Part B deductible, and is counted entirely differently.

Cost of the Medicare Part A Deductible: You can think of the Medicare Part A deductible as the cost of admission that you pay out-of-pocket for each hospital stay. The exception to this: if you’re hospitalized, released, and then re-admitted subsequently within a tight timeframe, the second hospitalization will be counted with the first. For 2018, the amount of the Medicare Part A deductible is $1,340, and it’s adjusted upwards each year.

Offsetting Costs with Medicare Supplement: These deductibles can be quite costly to Medicare seniors, for both unexpected and recurring hospitalization, as each deductible is over $1,300. One way to safeguard against these large out-of-pocket payments is to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan. With the exception of Medicare Supplement Plan A (which offers the most minimal, core benefits of the 10 Medicare supplement plans), most of the Medicare Supplement plans will pay the Medicare Part A deductible on behalf of the insured.

Taking the Next Steps

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