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Q: What Medicare Supplement Companies Offer Plans in New York?

Asked by Joe from Rochester, NY on October 10, 2017

I’m a 67 year old senior living in New York who just got onto Medicare. I want to buy supplemental coverage. Are there Medicare Supplement companies in New York that I can buy a Medigap policy from?

Howard Yeh
Howard Yeh October 10, 2017

As of September 2017, Medicare Supplement companies in New York include the following insurers (listed in alphabetical order):

Keep in mind, though, that this isn’t a comprehensive list of insurance companies that offer Medicare Supplement plans in NY. The NY State Department of Financial Services regulates the insurance industry in the state of New York, and keeps the full list of the Medigap insurance companies in New York.

In addition, not all insurers or plans operate across the state. Your individual plan options will vary according to ZIP code, whether that’s in Rochester (where you are), Western NY, Eastern NY, Buffalo, New York City, or Long Island.

As of August 2017, each of the Medicare Supplement companies in New York offers Medigap Plan F (the most popular plan type), Plan A (the most basic) and Plan B.

If you’re considering Medicare Supplement coverage, you’ll join 436,192 other Medigap enrollees in New York state (as of May 2017). Those Medigap enrollees represented 21 percent of the total Medicare people on Original Medicare; in other words, roughly one in five Medicare enrollees choose to supplement their Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement plan. Further, of those, approximately 241,000 (or 55 percent of all Medigap enrollees), were enrolled in Medicare Supplement Plan F.

Most Popular Medicare Supplement Companies NY (2016)

Of the Medigap companies in New York, UnitedHealthcare is by far the largest, with close to 80 percent of all Medigap policies in 2016. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the top Medicare Supplement companies in New York (based on number of enrollees) are as follows:

  1. UnitedHealthcare: 338,958 enrollees
  2. Empire BCBS: 30,688 enrollees
  3. Globe Life of NY: 22,929 enrollees
  4. Excellus BCBS:  12,520 enrollees

Taking the Next Steps

Look at what Medicare Supplement plans are available in New York (specific to your county), and how much they’ll cost. Compare the various Medicare Supplement plans to see which one fits your needs. provides an online plan and comparison engine that includes Medigap policies from all of the NY Medicare Supplement insurance companies. Check out your options here when you’re ready.

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