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Q: What’s the 2018 Deductible for Medicare Supplement High-Deductible Plan F?

Asked by Anonymous on November 27, 2017

Hal Levy November 27, 2017

Medicare Supplement high-deductible Plan F is considered a cheaper alternative to a regular Plan F plan – featuring lower monthly premiums in exchange for having to deal with a higher deductible. This deductible level changes from year to year. For 2018, the Medicare Supplement high-deductible Plan F comes with a deductible of $2,240. This deductible amount changes every year, no matter when you first bought your plan.

A deductible is the amount that you pay out-of-pocket each year before your benefits kick in. Payments made by Original Medicare (Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B) will not count towards your deductible.

The $2,240 deductible is an increase of $40 from 2017. Last year, the deductible level was $2,200. The 2018 deductible limit for high-deductible Plan J is also $2,240.

The 2018 Plan F deductible only applies to the high-deductible versions of each plan. Beneficiaries who are enrolled in a standard Plan F and Plan J do not have a deductible.

Why Did the Deductible Change? Medicare Supplement rules are set by federal regulations. The deductible number for high-deductible Plan F and Plan J rises in accordance with the August Consumer Price Index each year.

Note that all plans of the same type (for instance, each and every Plan A option available on the market) have the exact same deductibles and benefits, no matter which company you buy your plan from.

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