Qualifying Life Events


The Open Enrollment Period has ended.

It will open again on November 1, 2017.  However, you may qualify to change or add to your health insurance coverage if you have a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). If you do not have a QLE and are not currently enrolled in a health insurance plan, you can still purchase Short Term Health Insurance.


Check the List of Qualifying Life Events

Lost of or Losing Coverage
If your employer-sponsored plan ends, or will end in 60 days, you can apply for coverage.  However, beginning in 2017, your lack of knowledge about your COBRA insurance benefits is not a qualifying event.
Married or Divorced
If you get married or divorced, you have a 60-day open enrollment window that begins on your wedding day or the day your divorced is final. Your policy will be effective the first of the month following your application, regardless of what date you complete your enrollment.
Permanent Move
If you have moved, or plan to move in the next 60 days to a new state, or outside of your plan’s coverage area, for a period of at least six months.
Change in Family Size
If you have a baby, adopt a child, or place a child in foster care, you can enroll in a Marketplace health plan for up to 60 days after the event and coverage can start the day of the event. This is true even if the event happens this year and you don’t apply until early of the next year.