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Customer Acquisition Solutions for Carriers, Brokers and Agencies

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Health Plan Search Engine
Healthcare Information Portal
"Healthcare Demystified" Blog

We are a product-focus company applying software, data, design and content to deliver on our mission. We love building online healthcare products that our users love to use.

Health Plan Search Engine

Our core product is our health plan search engine, which we believe to be the best health plan search experience for US healthcare consumers.’s approach to its core search, comparison and recommendation engine embraces greater access to data, more transparency to consumers and objective recommendations. It is presented within a guided, intuitive user experience, and incorporates tools to help compare plans and enroll into coverage. We access an industry-leading database of on-exchange and off-exchange plan options. We also provide tools to help users to process this data. For example, we facilitate side-by-side plan comparisons, plus we offer free user accounts to save user profiles, plans and queries for later review.

Healthcare Information Portal

We believe that part of making good healthcare purchase decisions requires that individuals are informed about their choices. To help with this part of our mission, we deliver a leading consumer website providing healthcare content that helps to educate our users about healthcare topics. The website includes tools, calculators, videos and infographics.

“Healthcare Demystified” Blog

Visit our blog of curated healthcare stories, from ourselves and our network of contributors

Marketing Solutions for Carriers, Brokers and Agencies

Get in front of healthcare buyers on the network

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We are online marketing experts who have built industry-leading online businesses built around connecting online customers to the best professionals to help them.

Unique Benefits:

  • Engage with’s in-market online audiences
  • Leverage healthcare-specific targeting options built for marketers
  • Close more business with industry-leading conversion rates.
  • Stand out using unique advertising placements built into the search and comparison experience

Consumer Acquisition Solutions for Carriers

The enrollment process is also shifting. Carriers are looking for ways to interact directly with consumers, while brokers have shifted their sales model to offer different value-added services. can help both entities meet their advertising and revenue objectives through multi-faceted opportunities within the search and comparison process, introducing brokers and carriers to more perspective clients.

The Featured Ads platform is the first carrier-targeted online advertising product that delivers high-intent, plan-level consumers to insurance carriers. If you’re advertising in Google or Bing, give us a try to get targeting options and intent that aren’t possible in a general search engine.

Performance Advertising for Insurance Marketers

We provide performance marketing solutions that deliver in-market, online and mobile healthcare customers from our platform, websites and network. We love to work together with a small set of high-performing marketers who we see as partners to work together with us to use data in meeting their ROI goals.