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A non-government resource,
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Q: Is There a Cap on Medicare Supplement Benefits?

Asked by Anonymous on October 11, 2017

Howard Yeh
Howard Yeh October 11, 2017

There is no cap on Medicare Supplement benefits to the insured senior: no annual caps, no lifetime caps, and no caps on dollar amounts.

Without Medicare Supplement coverage, your 20 percent coinsurance on Medicare Part B care would also continue forever. In the absence of Medigap, there’s no cap on what your out-of-pocket expenses could be as a Medicare beneficiary.

Fortunately, Medicare Supplement plans fill in these coverage gaps (that’s why they are called “Medigap”). Your Medigap insurer will cover your entire 20 percent coinsurance.

Each of the 10 Medigap plan types take care of your Part B coinsurance as one of the core Medicare Supplement benefits. Beyond that, they treat different benefits differently. can help you compare plans on our website, or by connecting you to a licensed broker.

Taking the Next Steps

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