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A non-government resource,
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Q: Are There AARP Medicare Plans?

Asked by Anonymous on October 12, 2017

I’ve seen things about AARP Medicare plans, but I wasn’t sure if those were correct – is AARP even an insurance company?

Howard Yeh
Howard Yeh October 12, 2017

Yes, AARP Medicare plans do exist, and you can buy various forms of Medicare coverage from AARP; however, AARP itself is not a health insurance company.

AARP is one of the most recognizable Medicare plans in the marketplace. You’ll notice on any of the marketing materials for AARP Medicare plans that it’ll usually include words like “insured through UnitedHealthcare” or “from UnitedHealthcare”. That’s because UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company is the actual provider of Medicare coverage that is marketed through AARP.

AARP receives a royalty from UnitedHealthcare in exchange for the use of its name and brand. UnitedHealth is one of the largest health insurance companies operating in the U.S.

You can compare Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans from AARP and UnitedHealthcare on

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