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A non-government resource,
powered by health insurance experts.

Q: Are College Students Allowed to Get Health Insurance?

Asked by Anonymous on June 4, 2018

Julia Pak June 4, 2018

Yes, college students can receive health insurance and are encouraged by their schools to be enrolled in a plan. Being insured will bring you relief during your time at college.

Searching on your school’s health services website will lead you to specific requirements and policies regarding insurance for students. Your location and ability to pay for insurance can both play important roles when choosing a plan.

Depending on your personal and financial circumstances, here are a few health insurance options for incoming or current college students:

  1. Continue to stay on your family’s plan.

    If you’re 26-years-old or younger, you can still be covered under a parent’s health insurance plan. Depending on your parent’s provider, the cost of a family plan may increase, which may affect your final decision in choosing a plan.

  2. Enroll in your university’s comprehensive student health plan.

    Many schools offer health plans for students to enroll in, at lower prices than you could get on your own. Some plans, but not all, come with dental and vision coverage. For students receiving financial aid, monthly premium costs may be subsidized.

  3. Apply for state or federal programs, such as Medicaid.

    Older or independent students may qualify for programs like Medicaid that are funded by the government. It may be difficult to find coverage through these programs, as they are often limited to a select group of individuals.

  4. Consider short-term health insurance.

    Short-term health insurance can be a surprisingly affordable option for students who need insurance coverage on a temporary basis. These plans can last anywhere from 30 to to 90 days. For students in-between school plans, short-term health insurance can be the perfect fit.

Students should look into a health insurance plan that meets their individual needs, as well as their college’s standards, with a close eye. By enrolling in a plan, you’ll enjoy your time in school without worrying about whether or not you’re covered.

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