About HealthCare.com

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HealthCare.com is operated by HealthCare, Inc., and is a leading search, comparison and recommendation tool for healthcare consumers and performance advertising platform for healthcare marketers.

The HealthCare.com of today was launched in 2014. We started with the belief that we can apply our technology, data and health insurance expertise to build easy-to-use tools to help consumers make better purchase decisions about their health plan. Our goal is to deliver tools and related content in a way that engages everyday users, and demystifies the healthcare buying experience. And we help consumers find the coverage best suited to their health needs while improving their healthcare literacy.



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Our Story

HealthCare.com is a healthcare startup changing the way consumers shop for health insurance.

We were inspired by the desire to not only improve the healthcare shopping experience, but the final outcome. Based on this mission, our team of technology, Internet and health insurance entrepreneurs combined their passion and expertise to deliver the leading search engine and recommendation tool that helps individuals shop for health insurance, compare plans, and buy coverage that best fits their needs – anytime – anywhere. We thought about what would make the most impact in the healthcare space, and developed a product-specific search and comparison engine that displays both marketplace health plans that are eligible for a subsidy, and many plans that are not available on the exchange, side-by-side in an easy-to-compare layout. With proprietary search innovation and an intuitive recommendation tool, we have built a data-driven engine to provide consumers the best plan results that match both their health insurance and their healthcare lifestyle.

We started this company because we know how important purchasing health insurance coverage is. Yet the confusion that surrounds the shopping process can lead to wasted time or worse, ill-fitted plans that don’t provide needed medical coverage. We assembled a great entrepreneurial team of Internet, technology, data and health insurance experts with the know-how and drive to serve this mission.

To support our mission to consumers, we work with the largest health insurance companies in the U.S. to make their health plan offerings more accessible, and easier to understand. HealthCare.com also gives consumers the opportunity to compare both on-exchange, marketplace plans and off-exchange plans side by side, so consumers can see nearly every choice available to them before they buy.

Who We Are

HealthCare.com is founded and lead by a diverse, passionate and entrepreneurial management team:

  • Health insurance veterans who have spent decades in the health insurance business
  • Start-up entrepreneurs who have built and sold successful Internet-driven businesses
  • Technologists who have built enterprise-scale online software applications
  • Data and analytics experts who have applied Big Data to improve health outcomes

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Why Now

The Affordable Care Act offered standardization and a new online shopping experience for health insurance, providing consumers data that previously was not directly accessible. While there are public health insurance exchanges, there’s still a ton of consumer confusion. We believe there will still be substantive changes in how U.S. consumers approach the purchase of healthcare. Companies like ours can usher in an eventual path to the consumerization of healthcare.

We’re supported by a group of investors who have built some of the most valuable Internet companies in the world, including the Priceline Group and Booking.com. The strength of our financial backing allows us to build great proprietary technology for today’s marketplace, and keep building value-added online healthcare tools that our consumers love to use.

Based in Miami, HealthCare.com also has offices in New York City and Guatemala City.