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HealthCare.com Publishes Interactive Infographic to Guide Consumers Through The Health Insurance Shopping Process

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Last updated November 5th, 2019

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Eight-step interactive guide educates Americans who buy their own health insurance on how to correctly shop for a healthcare plan as the start of open enrollment begins

Miami, FL (November 19, 2014)

HealthCare.com, the nation’s leading privately-owned unbiased search and comparison engine for personal health insurance plans, announces the release of its new consumer-centric infographic, a tutorial interactive developed for the start of open enrollment to help individuals understand how to select a health insurance plan that fits their needs and demystifies the buying process, which runs now until February 15, 2015.

Everything You Need to Know About Shopping for Health Insurance” demonstrates in eight steps what individuals need to consider when comparing insurance plans side by side. Beginning with the first step, the infographic walks consumers through the shopping process of determining costs, tax subsidy eligibility, deductible amounts, network providers, prescription drug considerations, and asks consumers to also look at their overall healthcare needs. Tips are provided throughout the infographic and information about how shopping for coverage can be shared on social media.

“Consumers are now in charge,” said Jeff Smedsrud, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of HealthCare.com. “Individuals can no longer be denied health insurance for having a pre-existing medical condition. They can shop either on their state exchange or the federal marketplace, or in the private marketplace. And each year, during open enrollment, they can shop for a new plan. HealthCare.com wants to encourage consumers to research before purchasing a new plan or automatically renewing coverage during the 2015 open enrollment period. There are sometimes hundreds of health insurance options to choose from, and an educated healthcare consumer is an empowered healthcare consumer.”

HealthCare.com, a comparison tool and search engine for health insurance plans, offers access to healthcare coverage for both on-exchange and off-exchange plans, and educational resources to aid the decision-making process when choosing a health insurance plan. “Everything You Need to Know About Shopping for Health Insurance” is available for free and iframe code is available for embedding.


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