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HealthCare.com Launches Comparison Tool To Improve How Consumers Buy Health Insurance

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Last updated November 5th, 2019

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Miami, FL (September 29, 2014)

HealthCare.com, announces the launch of its new health insurance comparison website that gives consumers more choices to research, shop and buy healthcare plans, which could lead to lowering insurance costs for millions of Americans. HealthCare.com now features nearly 200 carriers and more than 90,000 health insurance plans.

HealthCare.com seeks to simplify the insurance purchasing process with tools that assist individuals. These tools include a tax subsidy calculator that estimates potential financial aid from the federal government, a tax penalty calculator to measure how much tax would be due if someone decided not to buy health insurance, and a shopping guide to compare various insurance plans to determine which is the best economical choice for each individual. Also, consumers will have the choice to apply online, seek counsel from a licensed agent over the phone, or schedule an appointment with a local advisor.

“HealthCare.com is the “Kayak” for health insurance purchases–the most comprehensive health website in the marketplace, offering simple resources to help individuals select the best health plan for them,” said Jeff Smedsrud, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HealthCare.com. “Our goal is to become a destination website for a variety of healthcare searches, similar to how travel or real estate websites aggregate thousands of options with a few clicks. Consumers will have more options, and can make better choices when applying for a health insurance plan if they start their search at HealthCare.com.

“With open enrollment beginning November 15, we hope to be a useful tool for consumers,” added Smedsrud.


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