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Blue Shield of California | Bronze 60 PPO

  • Bronze 60 PPO is an Obamacare health insurance plan offered by Blue Shield of California that is available for individuals and families.

  • This plan is a PPO, meaning you will have the flexibility to visit a preferred healthcare provider network that have preferred rates for in-network physicians. (Read more about PPOs.)

  • This plan is a Bronze metal level plan, which generally has a lower monthly cost but higher annual deductible (and co-pay), and provides basic insurance coverage for people who do not spend regularly on health care (i.e., doctors, prescription drugs, etc.).

  • Deductible amount of . A deductible is the amount of healthcare costs you will pay on your own each year before the insurance company.

  • Max out-of-pocket of , which is the most you will pay in a plan year outside of premiums, out-of-network providers and non-essential health benefits.

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Bronze 60 PPO

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This plan with a lower monthly cost is great for healthy individuals and families who rarely, if ever, visit the doctor or use prescription drugs. The low deductible on this plan means you won't have to pay as much money out of pocket for medical care and prescriptions before your insurance kicks in. The low out-of-pocket maximum on this plan protects you from having to pay a large medical bill if an emergency happens. Plans with this type of provider network tend to have a more broad provider network. is a privately-held internet start-up for healthcare consumers. We’re not the government website.


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Provider Information: is a privately owned website, and monthly costs shown above are estimates only. Your monthly premium may change based on the data provided, outside fees, optional benefits or if other factors take effect before your coverage start date. Note that insurance companies reserve the right to change your premium rate and the policy terms at any time. Effective date, benefit amounts and other conditions may apply at the discretion of the insurance carrier you select. Depending on your state of residence, this website may not display all plans available by state. The Obamacare Tax Subsidy Calculator amounts are estimates only and the actual amount of subsidy eligibility may differ. Access to your physician depends on network selected, and networks can change without notice. Contact your health insurance company to confirm your healthcare provider is still available in the network you select.

Blue Shield If you are eligible for Medicare, you are not eligible for an Individual and Family commercial plan.

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