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You Still Have Time to Get Health Insurance

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You Still Have Time to Get Health Insurance


Updated: March 22, 2017    Published: February 15, 2015

If you have started a health insurance application but were not able to complete it, you will have extended time to finish enrolling beyond the February 15 deadline in many states and at In California, you have until February 20 to finish your application. In New York, you have until February 28.

Officials at have said individuals will have ‘extra time’ to complete an application if there is a verified record that an individual has started an application. If you apply online and have technical problems, look for a ‘yellow flag.’ That means you can save your application and it finish later. They have not yet confirmed exactly how many extra days a person will receive to finish an application, but spare time will be allowed..


  • Start your application NOW
  • Keep a record of when you submitted it — or if by phone document WHOM you spoke with, and at what time of day.

And then, as soon as possible, complete your application.   It will have an effective date of March 1, if you requested that date. 

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