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LEGAL UPDATE: ACA and Other US Health Insurance Has NOT Changed After District Court Ruling

Last Updated: 12/17/2018

In an unusual Friday night announcement, a federal judge in Texas declared that the entire …

Minnesota’s Open Enrollment Deadline Extended for 2019

Last Updated: 12/03/2018

This year in Minnesota, you have extra time to join Obamacare and private health insurance …

Medicare Advantage Rates to Decrease in 2019

Last Updated: 11/16/2018

The world of Medicare can often seem like a maze. It’s complicated, involving the government …

Will Your Healthcare Affect Your Immigration Status?

Last Updated: 12/06/2018

Immigrants could soon face a harder time gaining legal resident status if they accept Medicaid, …

As Open Enrollment 2019 Kicks Off, Many See Prices Drop

Last Updated: 11/07/2018

This year’s open enrollment season is bringing good news for many Obamacare customers. The time …

Uff-Da! Time’s Almost Up for Minnesotans Enrolled in Medicare Cost Plans

Last Updated: 12/05/2018

The 2019 elimination of most Medicare Cost Plans is uniquely confusing for Minnesota Medicare enrollees. …

8 Things You Need to Know About Health Insurance in Texas

Last Updated: 11/07/2018

If you don’t know about Texas open enrollment, let’s start there. Open enrollment is the …

CMS Rejected These 9 New Medicare Card Designs

Last Updated: 11/05/2018

The Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) created 10 different designs before selecting 1 …

How One Failing Non-Profit Insurer Is Making A Comeback

Last Updated: 10/12/2018

It’s a story we know all-too-well today — a local, vital, source of health insurance …