Remember Important Obamacare Dates


If you purchase your own health insurance, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the calendar.

Unless you have a special event that occurs during the year, you can only buy an Obamacare health insurance plan during the annual Open Enrollment period. The last Open Enrollment period closed on March 31, 2014, so if you want to go shopping for a new health insurance plan for 2015 or you don’t want to automatically renew your current health insurance and find a better price and coverage options, here are the dates to watch:

o   November 15, 2014: Open Enrollment begins for 2015

o   February 15, 2015: Open Enrollment ends for 2015

Again, to buy health insurance outside the Open Enrollment period, you must qualify for the special enrollment period resulting from a qualifying life event. Examples are marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child or loss of a job. To find out if you’re eligible, check out’s handy life assessment quiz.

Those who are granted a special enrollment period are allowed 60 days to enroll outside the Open Enrollment periods. Otherwise, the Open Enrollment window is the only approved time to apply and you may need to seek other coverage options.

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