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Make Love This Valentine’s Day, Pregnancy Experts Agree

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Make Love This Valentine’s Day, Pregnancy Experts Agree

Erica Block

Updated: February 14, 2019    Published: May 10, 2017

planning pregnancy costs sex on valentine’s day

Conceiving on or around Valentine’s Day will limit your pregnancy to a single calendar year―and limit your pregnancy bills.

Parents-to-be depend on health insurance to cover the many costs of maternity care, from prenatal vitamins and obstetric appointments to hospital stays during delivery, visits to the pediatrician, and immunizations for their new baby. If you’re hoping to start a family and want to avoid unnecessary pregnancy costs, your best bet is to get it on with your partner on Valentine’s Day (or around that time).

Calendar-Year Cycles: Be Strategic

Here’s our takeaway: nearly all health insurance plans in the U.S. are structured on calendar-year cycles. Essentially, this means that a pregnancy (or any medical event) which occurs during two different calendar years is far more expensive than one which runs its course in a single calendar year.

As it’s become increasingly common for health insurance policies (including those offered under the Affordable Care Act) to carry annual deductibles of $2,000 or more, “that [annual] reset can lead to major expenses for many new and expecting parents who must fulfill the new deductible,” Elisabeth Rosenthal writes in her column.

“Deductibles reset on January 1, no matter if you began your six weeks of radiation in December or have been pregnant for the last eight months,” writes Rosenthal.

Having a Baby Is Expensive

Making a baby is still pretty costly, even with good health insurance. Citing a study by Truven Health Analytics, this NerdWallet analysis determined that, “even with insurance, the out-of-pocket share was $2,200 for vaginal deliveries and $2,700 for C-sections.”

Americans are wading in a sea of uncertainty when it comes to healthcare. U.S. healthcare policy is at a crossroads – and it’s especially anxiety-provoking for expecting parents. Both for prenatal care and throughout pregnancy and childbirth, having comprehensive health insurance is vital.

New mothers frequently find themselves in a situation where they must fulfill and pay two deductibles if their prenatal care occurred in one calendar year and they give birth to their child in the next. Although some OB/GYNs and maternity clinics package charges for all prenatal and childbirth services when they bill insurance companies, this isn’t always the case. It usually depends on the baby’s due date and each medical provider’s billing practices.

Having pregnancy costs doubled presents a tremendous financial burden for many consumers who are new parents. Almost all families need to readjust their finances to deal with newborn health insurance and the other expenses of raising a child.

Bring on the Valentine’s Babies

The bottom line? If you’re planning to start a family in the next year – and fulfilling twice your plan’s deductible is too expensive – just have sex during Valentine’s Day (or thereabouts). It’s a lovely solution, don’t you agree?

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