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Everyone needs a good health insurance plan, and there are many available today. The confusion comes when you begin to google “e health insurance” and then get so many results.

It can take a long time to comb through all those options, see what each plan offers, and how they compare to the others. Of course does its best to list plans, their options, perks, and prices side-by-side so you can easily view the important details of each plan.

If there’s any good news here, it’s this: You can do all this legwork from the comfort of your own home, even while wearing pajamas. All you need is a good computer and a broadband connection.

But if you’re looking for a few other ways to make the search a bit less like getting a root canal and a lot more like a fun day at the State Fair, below are some helpful suggestions.

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Narrow Your Search

If possible, narrow down your search query. For instance, you may only need an individual health insurance plan, but using that phrase to search will produce over 250 million results — better make a whole pot of coffee.

Looking for ehealth insurance will bring up gobs of results. If you only need dental insurance, then search for e health dental insurance instead. On this search term, you’ll get only about 445,000 results. Adding a city or geographic location can reduce your search results even more.

Once you have about half a dozen companies that you’re interested in learning more about, the next step is to get ehealth insurance reviews. Again, be specific when searching. Type in the insurer’s name followed by “reviews” and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Reviews can be so helpful as you make a decision about certain e health insurance companies.

Lastly, once you’ve decided on a website that can show you different health insurance providers, take a close look at e health insurance quotes from at least 3 different plans.

Though the lowest priced insurance product isn’t always the best, you may be working with a tight budget and need to take that route for the time being.

What’s New in the World of e Health Insurance?

Telehealth services have become much more prevalent and can save you money. These ehealth services are provided by medical professionals but you are often not required to go into a doctor’s office for care, so the overall cost is less.

Short-term e health insurance coverage can cost far less than regular Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans. However, short-term plans do not fulfill ACA guarantees like coverage for pre-existing conditions. It’s important to know that a short-term plan will not be the same as an ACA plan before signing up.

Another interesting e health development is the creation of automatic tax credit calculators. These calculators automatically tell you the tax credits available for those in lower income brackets, and can lessen the financial burden for families whose income falls below the Federal Poverty Level.

What About e Health Medicare?

For people 65 or older, Medicare is a great way to obtain not only good medical coverage, but also a prescription drug plan. Medicare coverage is handled by some of the biggest health care providers in the U.S. These include:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross
  • Humana
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Several others

These insurance agencies each have a contract with the government to provide certain medical and health services to patients 65 and older.

You could say that e health in Medicare exists too. It’s possible to enroll in Original Medicare and supplemental coverage online. Major companies will operate e health login portals for you to see your information as well. Telehealth and other services have recently gained expanded Medicare eligibility.

Tips for Success

Though all this can seem mind-boggling, it’s important to find the right health coverage for you and your family at a cost you can afford. You may qualify for some type of low-income subsidy, so be sure to look into that. Try to avoid e health insurance plans that seem “too good to be true.” As in every industry, there are some disreputable players who will just take your money and run.

When and Where To Sign Up: Check out the next Open Enrollment dates for Obamacare. During these enrollment periods, you’ll find quite a few more ads, special offers, and helpful information online about ehealthservices. So make a pot of coffee, put on your most comfortable pajamas, and get started.

Get a Free Health Insurance Quote

  • Get an instant quote for health insurance plans
  • Compare prices from over 300 carriers
  • Find a plan that fits your budget
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