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4 Easy Health Expenses You Forgot To Save Money On

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4 Easy Health Expenses You Forgot To Save Money On

Brian Joyner

Updated: December 18, 2018    Published: February 2, 2018

Health Expenses | 4 Easy Ways You Forgot to Save |

When it comes to health expenses, most people would rather avoid the subject. Even if you’re covered by an employer-sponsored health insurance plan, there are a lot of everyday costs you might miss when looking for room in your budget.

It’s not just those twice-a-year tooth whitening appointments that leave you with a smile you’re aching to show off (even when cringing at the cost!). Toothpaste, contacts, sunscreen and daily vitamins are health expenses too. These are just a few of the $100s in health costs you’re likely spending way too much money on.

The great news is that there are some super easy ways to save a ton on health products!

Health expenses | discount drugs |

1. Buy “Everyday” Health Products From Amazon

Health-related shopping isn’t anything new to the savvy shopper. Amazon gives health and medical products their own category. This includes daily vitamins … over-the-counter drugs like pain relievers … contact lens solution … and virtually everything you get at the local pharmacy for significantly less.  If you order enough on Amazon, you’ll probably get free delivery – maybe even from a drone!

2. Take Advantage of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

If you have health insurance, your plan probably qualifies for a Health Savings Account. It’s called an HSA or an FSA, depending on whether you get insurance from your employer.

What makes these accounts so great? It’s all about tax-free savings and tax-free spending on qualifying costs. And a LOT of things qualify. HSAs can pay for virtually any health-related item.

The easy to get the most out of these accounts is Traditionally, it’s been a bit of a hassle to do all the paperwork associated with using your HSA or FSA. These guys and gals built an online store that makes using your HSA or FSA a breeze. In fact, everything on FSAStore is FSA-approved. You shop for health items – they’ll ship the items along with receipts for your FSA.

3. Negotiate Health Expenses When Your Health Insurance Plan Doesn’t

Even the best health insurance has limits. For instance, if you need specialized dental care, you’re likely in for a shock when the bill comes. That doesn’t need to be the case.

Smart consumers have been negotiating things like dental work for decades. Many save hundreds of dollars each year just by working with their care providers to find a reasonable agreement for services. That $1000 root canal? Negotiating a flat price before work starts will spare you a whole lot of financial pain.

4. Get a Pro to Help You Monitor Health Expenses From Doctors

Reading and understanding a medical bill frequently feels like an exercise in cryptography. One problem we hear about on an almost daily basis is suspected errors in medical billing. Clear and easy to read, these bills are not.

Many insurance companies like Oscar or UnitedHealthcare include 24/7 billing support as part of their benefits. In a dream world you could have your own team, right? Not anymore.

You can get your own squad of medical billing pros to advocate for you when something looks fishy. Check out what the good people at Take Command Health are offering. Starting at $15 per month, these “negotiation ninjas” will:

  • look at any bill you have questions about,
  • do the research, and
  • complete the time-consuming work of getting your bills corrected.

If you frequently count on your health insurance, this no-commitment monthly subscription can pay for itself very quickly.

Have any other tips? We’d love to hear from you. Visit our consumer help portal to learn more.

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