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A non-government resource, powered by health insurance experts.
A non-government resource,
powered by health insurance experts.
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October 19, 2015 Launches Intuitive Plan Recommendation Engine

New York, NY, October 19, 2015 . . ., the nation’s leading health insurance search engine and comparison tool, announced today the launch of its new website, which features an intuitive plan recommendation search engine that walks consumers through their personal healthcare needs and suggests the plans that may be best suited for them. The newly re-launched site is live today at and available in time for the start of open enrollment on November 1.

Virtually every American is required to have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), and up to 19 million have been purchasing insurance themselves through government-sponsored insurance exchanges, direct from carriers, or private sites like Unfortunately, many Americans choose plans with the lowest premiums and highest deductibles, resulting in “unaffordably cheap” insurance. A recent study found that nearly half of all Americans can’t afford the $5,000 family deductible found in many lower-premium Bronze plans.

“Watching this trend develop during previous open enrollment cycles, we felt that too many consumers were buying their health insurance like they buy their auto coverage,” said CEO Jeff Smedsrud.” They know they must have it, but think they’ll never actually use it, so they choose the cheapest plan, only to struggle later on with deductibles and out-of-pockets they can’t afford. So we completely re-designed the site top to bottom and, at its core, incorporated a question-and-answer-based recommendation engine. The engine walks consumers through their typical healthcare consumption, including things like doctor visits and prescriptions, and then suggests the plans that align consumers’ total costs to their healthcare budget.”

Features of the Version 2.0 website include:

“We are making daily changes and improvements to our website based on the evolving needs of our customers. We expect steady growth in the number of consumers that use to help them find the best health plan. In the last 12 months, more than 500,000 consumers have used our services, and we expect that to surge significantly during the open enrollment period,” said Smedsrud.


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