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A non-government resource, powered by health insurance experts.
A non-government resource,
powered by health insurance experts.

About Our Content

Our Vision

Our mission is to be the leading destination for healthcare consumers by providing the knowledge, options and recommendations that will help them make more-informed and better decisions about managing their healthcare.

We seek to develop a relationship with everyday people based on trust and the value we deliver to them through advice, analysis, recommendations and relevant buying options.

Who We Are is a privately owned company whose mission is to help consumers make better healthcare decisions. Our management team is comprised of health insurance industry veterans who have over 20 years of combined experience. To learn more about our company, team, and business history, click here.

Editorial Standards

We generally write about health insurance and Medicare, which we know inside and out. Our mission is to help everyday Americans make better health care related decisions through content that is written for them, not for health insurance industry insiders. No one in the health insurance industry has control over our content or our site. Our opinions and editorial decisions are made via expert guidance without influence from advertisers. The editors here are focused on providing the best information that will help people get the best health care with options that make sense for their lives. The views expressed by our editors might not always be shared by other sites or publications. Our advocacy or opinions are issue-specific and are not endorsements for any political ideology, party or elected official. We seek to be fair, objective, and completely accurate in our coverage.

However, we are not a non-profit and we may receive compensation from advertisers, if you use our tools or join a plan after visiting our site. Learn more about our standards here.


Who is Responsible for Content

We stand by the work we produce. Experienced journalists write our content, and licensed insurance agents check all of our work for accuracy. We work with a range of insurers, financial experts, policy wonks, and doctors to produce great advice.

Meet Our Writers

Our writers are experts who have turned complicated Medicare and health insurance rules into much simpler guides.

Experienced journalists write our content, and licensed insurance agents check all of our work for accuracy. Our connections to these insurers, financial experts, policy wonks, and doctors – among others – have helped us produce great advice. We rely on an amazing roster of health insurance journalists and experts featured in major organizations and publications to write our content:

Louise Norris

Since 2006, Louise has analyzed and written about all aspects of health insurance and health care reform at both the state and federal level. She has written extensively for, Verywell,, HSA Store, ADP’s Spark and Boost platforms, the Colorado Health Insurance Insider, and Anthem’s Benefits Guide, along with various other publications.
Her work has also been published by Health Affairs, as she was part of a team of health policy analysts who initially addressed how the lack of federal funding for cost-sharing reductions would affect premiums and premium tax credits in the individual health insurance market. Louise was a panelist for a 2018 Brookings Institute event that focused on state-level health care reform, and participated in a 2017 WNYC panel designed to help reporters better understand how to cover health care reform. Louise and her husband, Jay, have co-owned a health insurance brokerage since 2003, and she maintains an insurance producer license in Colorado.

Got questions about health insurance or health care reform? You can ask Louise on Twitter.

Walecia Konrad

Walecia Konrad is an award winning financial journalist and content producer specializing in health care and personal finance. For the past ten years, she has extensively covered issues surrounding the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicare Advantage from the consumer perspective. As a freelance writer and columnist she has contributed to several national publications and websites, including CBS MoneyWatch, AARP and The New York Times. She also develops content for several financial services companies, including web, video, print and social media. Previously Konrad held staff positions at The New York Times, Money, SmartMoney, BusinessWeek and Forbes.

Leonie Dennis

Leonie Dennis, who has more than a decade of experience creating content, is a rising subject matter expert in the Medicare and ACA healthcare reform landscape. She played an instrumental part in writing content for the #OurCare Build Your Own Bill tool, a nonpartisan initiative that allows Americans to decide what legislation they want to include in healthcare laws, send their bill to Congress, and tweet it to the President. Leonie has worked on projects that won multiple awards from the Insurance Marketing Communications Association (IMCA). She holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from William Paterson University of New Jersey.

How to Contact Us

We don’t sell health insurance ourselves – we just help you compare plans. But you can contact our company directly at:



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To reach an independent, licensed agent, learn more about tax forms (which we do not have) or reach the government healthcare website, visit our extended contact page.