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Millennium Medical, Inc.


5088 66th St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33709


(727) 541-2675

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    Weight Loss Clinic

    About Us

    Millennium is recognized as a premier wellness provider in the Tampa Bay area and is earning a solutions-based reputation across the state of Florida because it delivers a treatment protocol focused not only on the primary symptomatic concerns of the patient, but due to its thoroughness, the general health and well being of the patient. Millennium has built this reputation with the delivery of products and services generally described as integrative healthcare to a broad and growing sector of the population.

    Millennium has been practicing in the same location for 26 years with a professional staff including primary care physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and licensed massage therapists. Over the years, Millennium has treated over 35,000 patients, and on a busy day over 120 patients visit the clinic for one or more treatments.

    This profile gives you a brief glimpse of some of the treatments and services offered by Millennium Medical.


    In addition to Millennium's history, experience and the depth of its medical staff, each patient is considered for one or more of the 450 various laboratory tests available to determine nutritional state, toxicity levels or other imbalances.

    For more information call us today at (727) 474-0144

    Treatment and Services

    Millennium treats many conditions with both traditional and alternative medical protocols, including but not limited to: fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, auto accident injuries, sports injuries, on-the-job accidents, TMJ disorder, digestive problems, eating disorders, diabetes, arthritis, migraines, stress related illnesses, back and neck pain, numbness, tingling and respiratory illnesses. In the spirit of integrating traditional medicine with our wellcare approach, Millennium is happy to meet your specific needs with the following services:

    Primary Care Traditional Medicine

    • Millennium providers believe that a patient is best served if they have options that combine the best of traditional and complementary medicines. Most Millennium patients schedule their first office visit because they want to see a primary care physician. Depending on the diagnosis, many patients often benefit from complementary treatments.


    • At Millennium Wellcare, our definition of an anti-aging program is the utilization of safe, effective therapies that address the underlying mechanisms of aging. Our goal is not to prolong life to some unrealistically advanced age, but to promote successful aging - staying healthy and functional up to the end of a long, productive life. We focus on proven natural therapies to prevent and minimize age-related diseases, including targeted nutritional supplements, natural hormone replacement, and specific dietary and exercise recommendations.


    • Almost everyone needs to detox, cleanse themselves, and rest their body functions at times. Cleansing or detoxification is one part of the trilogy of nutritional actions, the others being building or toning, and balance or maintenance. With a regular, balanced diet, devoid of excesses, we will need less intensive detoxification. Our body has a daily elimination cycle, mostly carried out at night and in the early morning, up until breakfast. However, when we eat a congesting diet higher in fats, meats, dairy products, refined foods, and chemicals, detoxification becomes more necessary. Who needs to detoxify and when is based in part on individual lifestyle and needs.

    Infusion Therapy

    • Infusion therapy is the intravenous (IV) administration of medications and nutrients, including fluid replacements, vitamins and supplements. Advances in technology allow these therapies to be administered at an outpatient site such as Millennium Medical, which is a regional leader of infusion therapy services. Many patients need nutritional or other fluids for medical conditions that cannot be treated by mouth. The infusion of supplements or nutrients directly into the body, through veins, muscles or under the skin, makes for a more direct and efficient treatment. These methods of medicine administration are called infusion therapies, and they are some the services that Millennium can provide for you.


    • Although chiropractic shares much with other health professions, its philosophy distinguishes it from modern medicine by emphasizing patient recuperative abilities rather than surgery. Millennium focuses on understanding the cause of the illness in order to eliminate it, rather than simply treat its symptoms. This begins by recognizing the centrality of the nervous system and its intimate relationship with the capacities of the human body, then taking a patient-centered, hands-on approach focused on influencing function through structure.


    • Mesotherapy is used for both pain relief and body sculpting, and has been successful for decades in Europe because it's very effective and safe.

    Weight Management Programs

    • Everyone has unique weight goals. At Millennium, we offer supervised and customized programs to help you achieve your goals according to your needs. A good weight loss program is a complete, real life solution to losing weight.

    Nutritional Consultation

    • The American Medical Association has recently reversed its 30-year stand and now recommends that everyone take vitamins. You can be certain to take what is right for you with a Millennium customized nutrition program developed for your specific biochemistry through medical testing. We utilize First Line Therapy, a specific approach to weight management and prevention of common health challenges.

    Chinese Medicine

    • Traditional Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive holistic system of healthcare that has been practiced for over 3,000 years. It is based on the inter-relationship of man and nature. The ancient Chinese recognized the duality behind all life and processes in the physical universe, which is known as the Yin and Yang. Through the use of Chinese therapies, the circulation and balance of vital energy, Qi, and blood, Xue, is channeled to maintain and help facilitate the natural healing mechanism to prevent and alleviate pain and disease.

    Neuromuscular Massage

    • The process by which excessive tonus, lack of circulation, nerve compression, structural imbalances and toxic metabolic byproducts are systematically reduced and/or eliminated.

    Physical Therapy

    • Services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease. This may include electrical stimulation such as interferential, ultrasound and trigger point therapies.

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