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Dr. Brian C. James, MD PA

Male | English

3920 Bee Ridge Rd., Bldg. E, Suite F, Sarasota, FL 34233


(941) 926-2270

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    About Dr. James

    1. Curriculum Vitae
    • 1987-1991 Louisiana State University School of Medicine
    • 1991-1995 Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation, Residency in Anesthesia
    • 1994 Subspecialty Tract, Cardiovascular Anesthesia
    • 1995 Subspecialty Tract, Pain Management

    2. Memberships

    • American Society of Anesthesiologists
    • New Orleans Anesthesia Society
    • 1993-1994 Chairman and Founder, Louisiana State Anesthesia Society
    • 1994 American Society of Anesthesiologists, Political Action Committee
    • 1995 Florida State Anesthesiologists Society
    • 1996 International Neuromodulation Society
    • Sarasota County Medical Society
    • American Medical Association

    3. Certifications

    • 1995 Neuromed Spinal Cord Stimulation
    • 1998 Certified for Spinal Endoscopy
    • American Board of Anesthesiology
    • American Board of Pain Medicine

    Our Services


    Since the early 1970s, Spinal Cord stimulation (SCS) has offered the medical community and patients an effective and non-addictive treatment for pain. SCS is the application of low voltage electrical stimulation to the spinal cord to block the feeling of pain. This therapy developed from the fact that nerves send messages by electrical impulses.


    Stellate ganglion comprises upper thoracic and inferior cervical ganglia; it is located in your neck area. The block is performed to interrupt sympathetic discharge to an upper extremity. This affects blood vessels, sweat glands, goose bump fibers of the skin, head and arm. The effect makes this block useful to promote healing of bone, vessel or nerve injury of the hand. It is an effective treatment of peripheral vascular disease as well because the block produces vasodilation.


    Between the dura mater and the wall of the vetebral canal is the epidural space, which is filled with fat, connective tissue, and blood vessels. It serves as padding around the spinal cord. Epidural blocks are done every day in hospitals across the country for women in childbirth. Patients in chronic pain receive epidural injections of local anesthetics and/or steroids to help diagnose and/or decrease chronic pain and increase blood flow to the painful area.


    The facets are located in between the vertebrae in the spine. Through age, injury, or disease the small sacks of fluid can shrink and do not allow the vertebrae to move easily. The nerves near the facets can become irritated and inflamed from the rough, rubbing facets. A mixture of Depomedrol and Xylocaine is injected to stop the pain.


    Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a condition of continuous limb pain, feels often like a burning, and usually results from an injury. The development of RSD can result from many types of minor trauma. The clinical diagnosis of RSD is complicated and sometimes difficult. Sympathetic blocks to the affected limb using local anesthetic is the most useful tool for evaluating the presenting signs and symptoms.


    Specializing in Failed Back & Neck Surgery, Shingles, and Cancer Pain

    1. Epidural Steroid Injection (lumbar or thoracic)
    For low to mid back pain, herniated discs, radiculopathy, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis/arthritis, herpes zoster, and post herpatic neuralgia (shingles)

    2. Epidural Steroid Injection (cervical)
    For neck/arm/upper back pain, headaches, radiculopathy, degenerative disc disease, and spinal stenosis/arthritis

    3. Facet Infiltration (lumbar, thoracic or cervical)
    For compression fractures, radiculopathy, and spinal arthritis

    4. Sympathetic Block
    For Reflex Symapthetic Dystrophy (RSD), phantom limb pain, and peripheral vascular disease

    5. Trigger Point Injection
    For myofascial pain and peripheral nerve pain

    6. Intercostal Nerve Block
    For chest wall pain, cancer pain, herpes zoster, and shingles

    7. Stellate Ganglion Block
    For RSD of upper extremity


    Pain Management Specialist

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